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May 13, 2010 - SEVROC 2010

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These are photos taken at the {Kawasaki} Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) South Eastern Rally {SEVROC}. Vulcan is the trade name for Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycles. While most members at one time owned a Vulcan many now ride a different model or different brand but the friendships gained via the internet make VROCers brand independent as far as the motorcycles that they now have.

The Applecover Inn located in Maggie Valley, NC has been the host for this annual event for the past few years. SEVROC is held from Thursday through Sunday during a week in mid May.

This Blog contains photos taken from Thursday Evening through Friday.
For Part 1 - Click Here

Thursday night at 7:00 PM is the Meet and Greet Dinner at Smackers Sports Grill about half way between Maggie Valley and Waynesville, NC.
Jax doing something

Big table

Stewey must have been misbehaving he is sitting in the corner

Who is ordering what?

2 Tall was too wide for this camera

See I am almost as tall as 2 Tall

Eating peanuts and tossing the shells

Renata and Flip

....... and Wompus

Mikey and his better half

Kudzu snuck in sitting with Blondy and Buddah

Talon and is that Tbone, again

Ol %$#@# Joe sitting and the gang standing around

Six Pack's Brother-in-law and Six Pack

Talon and it was Tbone

Jax and Gale

Stonewall and his much, much better half

Back to the Applecover Inn
Hmmm. Rainman trying to figure out sumptin'

A young lady and a bunch of old guys sitting in rocking chairs

Pappy's little brother, Pappy and Sherm

My goodness, he did What?

Kevin and Talon are relaxing with dessert

Okay. Another visual short joke

Here I am talking to Geek and Bryan

Hanging out in the nice weather

........, Butch and Teresa

The gang, but who is that Boy Scout with the orange cap?

Friday Morning at the Country Vittles Cafe.
Carlene and Willy Wonka

Sherm is the acting waitress

Gale and Jax

Badger and company

As we are heading back to the Applecover Inn we pass Maggie waving at the cars. She is actually employed by the city of Maggie Valley to do this.

Maggie and Sherm

Friday at the Applecover Inn
EZ tools in on his Jaguar from Ringgold, GA

The rocking chair guys

Strider from Hickory, NC {who has yet to get to Lodi} eating an Applecover Inn cookie

Friday evening at the Applecover Inn

I found a VROCer who is shorter than I am. That's Phin from Ooltewah, TN

Badger and Buddah

Around the corner from the Applecover Office

Chris2tall is pretty short when he sits :-)

I wonder what I missed over the far side of the photo that the camera did not pick up?

Holding the refreshment choice of the day

What is Keven holding?

Must be raining

Yes. I think it is raining

Sherm and I are leaving early Saturday morning so we say our farewells and head back to the vacation bungalow where we have been staying during our time in Maggie Valley.

So this is the end of my Blog for SEVROC 2010. I had a good time and I think most if not all would say the same thing.

~end of part 2 of 2 click here for Part 1

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