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May 12, 2010 - SEVROC 2010

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These are photos taken at the {Kawasaki} Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) South Eastern Rally {SEVROC}. Vulcan is the trade name for Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycles. While most members at one time owned a Vulcan many now ride a different model or different brand but the friendships gained via the internet make VROCers brand independent as far as the motorcycles that they now have.

The Applecover Inn located in Maggie Valley, NC has been the host for this annual event for the past few years. SEVROC is held from Thursday through Sunday during a week in mid May.

This Blog has photos from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon showing the Early Birds.
Stewey and Tbone hanging out at the Applecover Inn

Skid is learning about Gold Wings from Stewey :-)

Sandy is holding a box of goodies for the Wing

Note: Tbone has not moved a muscle in the last 10 minutes

Three Gold Wing couples discussing which brand of Espresso Machine works best on a Wing

Tbone has finally moved as he and Wompus arrive at our dinner spot on Wednesday

Back at the Applecover now and Sherm is in one of his usual poses at any Rally

Badger arrives from PA

Lucky Al just getting started

Derrick, the Applecover owner and Harley Rider next to KT

Derrick and his ride

Butch and Teresa arrive from far, far Western KY

Thursday Morning
Blondy from AL gives Sherm from OR a big hug

The ubiquitous Tbone and Red Rover

Since Sherm and I have caged it from the West Coast we don't have bikes to ride so we drive to do a bit of sight seeing in the Great Smokies. Our first stop is at the Kickstand Lodge about 45 miles west of Maggie Valley.
Here I stand under the sign at Kickstand Lodge

Mo heading in for some coffee

Our next stop is at Deals Gap located at the south end of The Tail of the Dragon.
Me under the Tree of Shame at Deals Gap

Sherm taking a photo

Thursday Afternoon
Jax who with his wife Gale head up SEVROC and Sherm at the Registration Table

Ken Rhodes from SC and Mark Hicks

Far right is Kevin ..................

Van, Charlie T from TN and Phin from TN - the shortest VROCer that I know of. :-)
He is even shorter than Scotty or Billy G

Tina's son and Pappy from MS

Kevin {I think} and Geek from the DC area

Six Pack Jack from GA, Skid, Lost Bob and Ol #$%@ Joe at the Reg Table

Lost Bob, Rainman from GA and Sherm

Tina who worked hard and Jax at the Reg Table

Taking it easy

In order to truly earn the right to wear the "I Beat Anorexia" shirt the person must reach the size of my good buddy Tiny.
This photo was taken at the Rally in the Canadian Rockies

More hanging out

Wrong Turn from West VA and KT

Two old guys in rocking chairs

Blondy offering up that Alabama vino

Ah yes, Butter who has speaks with a Deep Southern accent {well, South Bronx}

These guys really look up tight and stressed out

KT and Six Pack share a laugh

Rainman talking to his daughter and friend

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